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5 Family Fun Activities Square

5 Family Fun Activities

A couple of years ago, we went on a vacation with extended family to the Outer Banks.  We all (7 adults & 10 kids) stayed in a nice, spacious house right on the beach.  It was a nice and relaxing trip (yes, it actually was relaxing with 10 kids because usually our vacations are packed … {Read More}


10 Duct Tape Projects for Kids

It's pretty amazing all of the things you can make with duct tape.  Over the past few year, crafting with duct tape has become quite the popular activity for kids.  A couple of years ago my family discovered a company called Warfare by Duct Tape and I immediately knew it would be … {Read More}


Tips for Teaching a Child Who Learns Differently

I pulled my daughter from school because she hated it. HATED it. My husband took her to school and had to PRY her from the car and carry her into the building. I cringe when I even think about how many days we did that before we realized something wasn’t right. Even after having her home, I didn’t … {Read More}

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Books & Resources for Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Everything I learned about sex I learned from my sister, from friends, from television, and in school.  I learned about 'safe' sex in health class and was never told by anyone that sex was to be saved until marriage. I ended up having sex for the first time at a very young age and I was not … {Read More}

tips to help you unplug and be with the kids

Tips to Help You Unplug and Be With the Kids

Are you constantly tempted to scroll Facebook or Pinterest when you have other things you could be doing at home? Here are some tips to help you unplug.  If you're like me then sometimes the weight of motherhood can feel heavy. Not heavy as in, "I don't want to do this," but heavy as in, … {Read More}


5 Ways to Connect With Your Spouse During Busy Seasons

It's tough sometimes, isn't it?! Kids, schoolwork, housekeeping tasks, jobs... Trying to balance our to-do's can feel stressful at times so we just do the best we can at juggling everything. But, too often our marriages end up being the main thing that is unintentionally neglected. So here are 5 … {Read More}

Benefits to Having Babies Back-to-Back

Benefits of Having Babies Back-to-Back

My husband and I started dating as freshmen in high school. We were young and in love and although we may have been a little idealistic, we were convinced we'd marry one day and ride off into the sunset together. We married two years after graduation and eight months later the first set of double … {Read More}


6 Simple Ways to Serve Others

So many children don't have parents. Sometimes parents lose their babies, too. Plus job loss, marital struggles, sickness... the list goes on. Sometimes just thinking about all of these sorrows can weigh us down enough to make us feel exhausted, nearly paralyzed with the weight of … {Read More}

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To the Mom Who is Still in Her Pajamas

To the Mom Who is Still in Her Pajamas

Mother's Day is right around the corner and I've gotten together with a group of bloggers to bring you a giveaway and blog hop that we are hoping will bless your socks off! We not only hope to bless several moms with some pretty awesome giveaway prizes, but we also hope to bless many more moms … {Read More}


Every Mom Has A Story

This is a post from Kathy Helgemo of Mothering from Scratch I am continually amazed at how every mom has her own story.  I have been blessed by many women telling me about their mothering lives.  This started long ago, before and after I had children. It seemed that God was telling … {Read More}

Yes, I have had 5 c-sections

Yes, I have had 5 C-Sections and may have more!

This is a post from Jennifer Leibert of The Adventures with the Leiberts I know, I know. You must think I am crazy. Like most people do when they find out that all 5 of my babies were born via C-Section. I want to give you hope that even if you have had a C-section, this doesn't mean you … {Read More}

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