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Various US dollar notes scattered. No complete notes shown and angled shot. Focus on central banknote.

Games That Teach Kids About Money

Most kids are fascinated by money and enjoy doing activities where money is involved, whether it be counting money, playing store, or playing games that incorporate money in some way.  Playing … {Read More}

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6 Simple Ways to Serve Others

So many children don’t have parents. Sometimes parents lose their babies, too. Plus job loss, marital struggles, sickness… the list goes on. Sometimes just thinking about all of these sorrows can weigh us down enough to make us feel exhausted, nearly paralyzed with the weight of needs we know we can never fully meet. But you know […]

9 Ways to Celebrate the Christ in Christmas

9 Ways to Celebrate the Christ in Christmas

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is easy to forget the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place. Our never-ending “to-do” list continues to grow as stress increases over finding the perfect gift for that special someone. We become frantic wondering if there is enough money in the budget to create […]


Navigating Life in a Season of Spiritual Drought

If you’ve been feeling weary, discouraged, and far from God, then you may be in a spiritual drought! Read on for some encouragement for the weary heart. I remember after I first began my journey following God. Not when I got saved at around 8 years of age, but when I really began to live […]

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