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5 Days of Family Fun {Save the Kids}

Welcome to Day 4 of 
5 Days of Family Fun!
Day 1 – Donut on a String
Day 2 – Ping Pong Toss
Day 3 – Balloon Stomp
Day 4 – Save the Kids 
Day 5 – Cheesy Head
Today’s activity is:

Save the Kids




  • Large bag of Sour Patch Kids (or other candy of your liking)
  • Disposable plates
  • A few cans of whipped cream


  • Place 10 Sour Patch Kids on a disposable plate.
  • Cover plate and candy with whipped cream.


  • Using no hands and only your mouth, retrieve all 10 pieces of candy from your plate.
  • As you find each piece of candy, place it onto a second plate that is next to the whipped cream filled one.
  • First player to find all 10 Sour Patch Kids, wins!

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  1. Oh, how fun!!

    I can’t wait until my little guy is a little older to do this! We are going on vacation with my younger brothers next week…I may just suggest this!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. that looks like a LOT of fun! Thank you for linking up – and giving me some great ideas for htis weekend.

  3. So fun! What a clever idea! My kids would love something like this.

  4. Looks like such great fun! What a good idea – thanks so much for sharing.

    I linked here from Thrive at Home Linkup and thought you might want to link this post at the linkup I host called Essential Fridays.

    I’m sure my readers would love to see this!


  5. Sarah, this game looks like so much fun! I don’t know if I’d win though, because I’d probably love those sour patch kids so much I’d just eat them all when I found them :) Thanks for linking up this fun game idea at the Mommy Brain Mixer this week.

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