YOU choose the character quality each month!

The monthly scripture copywork calendars are now EDITABLE, making them super FLEXIBLE to fit your family's needs!!

The idea for this book was birthed from the monthly scripture copywork calendars that I created beginning in 2017 and shared on my website each month.  So many people loved and used these calendars (including adults; these aren’t just for kids), so I wanted to create something that provided more flexibility for families.

These new copywork calendars allow YOU to choose the character trait you’d like to focus on for any specific month.  If your child is having trouble with obeying, choose the OBEDIENT calendar; if you want to focus on compassion during the Christmas season, choose the COMPASSIONATE calendar for the month of December; if you have multiple children and you want to have each of them focus on a different character quality, print out a different calendar for each child. 

There are 36 character traits to choose from, and you can choose any one at any time. 

The Monthly Scripture Character Copywork eBook includes 36 editable monthly calendars and 122 blank copywork pages (half for older kids and half for younger kids).  The character qualities included are:

Use month after month, year after year, child after child!
One time purchase - lifetime use!!




Sarah Avila

Sarah is a Texas-based homeschool mom of 8 kids. Sarah began homeschooling in 2007 and uses an eclectic approach to teach her 5 boys and 3 girls.

She is the founder of My Joy-Filled Life, a trusted and reliable site for busy moms to find the resources, inspiration, and encouragement they need to flourish in their God-given roles of mother, wife, homemaker, and homeschooler.  She is also the founder of Homeschool Speak – a brand new online community for homeschoolers that will launch in January of 2020.

Sarah is also the creator of Learning Numbers with the Bible (Learning Letters with the Bible releases in 2020), and The 4 Year Plan – Homeschool Planner for High School (planners for elementary and middle school coming in 2020).

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