5 Days of Family Fun {Balloon Stomp}

Sarah Thin 2

Welcome to Day 3 of 

5 Days of Family Fun!
Day 1 – Donut on a String
Day 2 – Ping Pong Toss
Day 3 – Balloon Stomp
Day 4 – Save the Kids 
Day 5 – Cheesy Head
Today’s activity is:

Balloon Stomp



  • Balloons
  • String or yarn


  • Blow up the balloons.
  • Tie a balloon to the ankles of each player (each player will have two balloons, one on each ankle).
  • Designate the boundaries for the game (where the players can and can’t go).


  • When the game begins, the players run around in the designated area and try to pop the other players’ balloons by stomping on them (and also try to keep your balloon from being popped).
  • The player with the last unpopped balloon is the winner.


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