5 Days of Family Fun {Donut on a String}

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Welcome to 5 Days of Family Fun!
Last year, we went on a vacation with extended family to the Outer Banks.  We all (7 adults & 10 kids) stayed in a nice, spacious house right on the beach.  It was a nice and relaxing trip (yes, it actually was relaxing with 10 kids because usually our vacations are packed full of activity), with lots of swimming and playing with cousins.
I knew the kids wouldn’t be in the pool or ocean the entire trip, so I decided I needed to have some activities to keep them busy during the down times.  I packed each of the kids a bag full of activities for the car ride as well as to use at the beach house and planned several activities for the entire family to do together throughout the week.
Each day of this week, I will share with you one of the activities that we did.  We all had so much fun with these activities and hope your family will enjoy them too!
Day 2 – Ping Pong Toss
Day 3 – Balloon Stomp
Day 4 – Save the Kids 
Day 5 – Cheesy Head
To kick off this fun series, we will start with:


Donut on a String

  • Your favorite donuts; make sure they have a hole in the middle – creme-filled donuts WILL NOT work for this!
  • String or yarn
  • Old sheet or tarp (optional)


  • Tie one end of the string to something above your head – we tied the string to the deck above us.  You could also use tree branches or even a broom stick that two people hold up.
  • Tie the donut to the other end of the string.  Make sure it’s at the height of the participant’s mouth.
  • Lay an old sheet or tarp under the hanging donuts (this is only if you don’t want to eat your donut off the floor or ground).


  • NO hands!  We did allow the littlest players to use their hands.
  • You must eat and swallow the entire donut to be considered finished.
  • If the donut falls off the string, you can continue to eat it off the floor, but you still can not use your hands.
  • First person to finish their entire donut, wins!

We had 4 people play at one time.  The little kids all played at the same time, then the bigger kids, and then the adults.  And then we ended with a mixed round for whoever wanted to play again.

Messy, Happy Faces
And just to keep it real, there were also a few tears.


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    Awww, that looks like fun! What a great idea, I have to keep that activity in mind for our upcoming family trip to Myrtle Beach!

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