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Sunflower Cupcakes

If you’re looking for the perfect summer cupcakes, you are going to love this sunflower cupcakes recipe. It’s such a fun treat for summer parties, barbecues, or even just as a fun treat for the kids.


  • 6 cupcakes prepared according to package directions
  • Yellow funfetti frosting
  • Green decorating icing
  • Brown jimmie sprinkles


  1. Prepare an icing bag or ziploc bag with an icing tip and yellow frosting. Start piping leaf shapes around the outer edges of the cupcake. Be sure to lift up after each leaf shape so you are left with a point. Go all the way around the cupcake twice before moving on to the remaining cupcakes.

  2. Spoon brown jimmies into the middle of the cupcakes

  3. Squeeze a small dot of green frosting between the petal layers to create green leaves

  4. Place the cupcakes inside the pots! For smaller cupcakes that risk sinking down too much, flip an empty liner over and set it in the pot first. Serve and enjoy!