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Printable 2014 Blog Planner

I’m a planner.  And an organizer.

If things aren’t planned, I get a teeny bit stressed out.

When it comes to blogging, I’m no different.  I need a plan and a schedule. 

I began blogging in March of 2012 and by the end of that year I decided that in order to stay organized, I needed to start using a planner for all of my blogging stuff. 

Since I couldn’t find a blog planner this past year that I fell in love with and that met all my needs, I made my own for this coming year, 2014.

And you can get one too!  They are available to purchase for $4.99!  This is the best, most inclusive blog planner you will find!
(Were you looking for the free 2014 Blog Planner?  This is the same planner, but was only available for free through 12/1).

Blog Planner Image 1 1 600

Blog Planner 2014 3D cover 1 - My Joy-Filled Life 250

Here is what you will get in this printable 2014 blog planner -

  • Year at a Glance
  • Week at a Glance
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Monthly Calendar – Lined
  • Monthly Posts & Goals List
  • Daily Blogger Checklist
  • Blog Post Checklist
  • Review Checklist
  • Giveaway Checklist
  • Guest/Contributor Tracker – incoming & outgoing
  • Link-Ups Tracker
  • Yearly Stats
  • Reviews & Giveaways Tracker
  • Expenses & Earnings Log
  • Affiliate Tracker
  • Advertisers/Sponsors Log
  • Ideas for Future Posts List
  • Long Term Goals List
  • Notes Page

And here is a sneak peak at some of the printable pages inside this planner -

FREE 2014 Blog Planner FREE 2014 Blog Planner

FREE 2014 Blog Planner FREE 2014 Blog Planner

FREE 2014 Blog Planner FREE 2014 Blog Planner

What others are saying:

I just love this planner! It is so cute, but it also is so organized!! I need that! I am trying to get my personal blog back in order and I love the reminders you set (like comment on three other blogs per day)… I LOVE that!
~ Trish at Live and Learn Farm (co-owner of Hip Homeschool Moms)

Elephants are my favorite, so this planner got my attention right away. But beyond the elephant cuteness Sarah has done an excellent job of organizing the lists and making the forms both aesthetically pleasing and practically very useful! I don’t think there’s anything she’s left out, and she’s given extra spaces to fill in, just in case something else does come up down the road. I love this planner and I know you will too!
~ Katie at Paradise Praises (author of Putting on the Spirit: Ten-Minute Devotions for Busy Moms)

Sarah’s Planner is more than a way to plan for future posts, she helps you organize your social media plan. She provides guidelines for product reviews and giveaways. I highly recommend Sarah’s planner to help you get organized and inspired for 2014.
~ Monica at Happy and Blessed Home

If you are ready to start getting organized for a new year of blogging that will be here before we know it, simply purchase the 2014 Blog Planner below. 
(Where you looking for the free 2014 Blog Planner?  This is the same planner, but was only available for free through 12/1).

Printable 2014 Blog Planner
Over 60 printable pages to help you keep your blogging organized. The pages in the planner include Week at a Glance, Monthly Calendar, Daily Checklist, Stat Tracker, Affiliate Tracker, Guest Post Tracker, Expenses/Earnings Log, and much more.


 If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, click here.

Blog Planner 2014 250 


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  1. Awesome! Just what I was looking for. I signed up for the newsletter and can’t wait to get it. I also pinned it. Thanks!

  2. Love this!! I will definitely be sharing with my blogging buddies! :-)

  3. superb!! It was on my list of things to do to make a calendar like this!! Its pretty great… I look forward to using parts of this to organize my next year of blogging!

  4. I love this! Great job!

  5. Thank You! Looking forward to using it on my blog.

  6. Love it! Definitely pinning and sharing to keep up with this….

  7. Thanks so much for this!! This is superb!

  8. I just subscribed and printed my planner! Thanks Sarah! This is so helpful, as I’ve been out of sorts with my blog for the past few months.

  9. This is so beautiful! I can not wait to print out and start using. Do you by chance have the 2013 planner version that I could use?

    • I’m so glad you like the planner LaToya, but I don’t have one for 2013. This is the first year I’ve made one. Some of the forms you can start using now though.

  10. What a great way to stay organized! Thanks for being willing to share it with your readers! I’m hopping over from Whimsy Wednesday (my link ups were #22 and 24) Have a great night!

  11. This is an incredibly well built blogging planner. Thank you so much!

  12. I really love this. I attempted to print one this year; however, it was a disaster. It would have taken too much ink to print at home and I had a hard time setting it up for printing online (at like Staples, Office Depot, etc). Do you have suggestions?

    • On your own printer, click print, then properties. Then under color, choose “greyscale”. Your whole thing will print in light grey, using much less ink. Not as pretty, but more affordable

  13. This is an amazing planner Sarah! I would love for you to share it at Mom’s Library. Thanks so much!

  14. Thank you so much for offering this! It’s awesome! I sat down today and wrote out my calendar through the end of the year and vowed to come up with something by the new year that would encompass more and inclued social media aspects as well. Now I don’t have to do that work because you did it! Thank you so much!

  15. Love this! Thanks so much for sharing! I found you via the link party at Gingersnap Crafts, and I couldn’t be more excited. Great blog!

  16. Perfect–thank you!

  17. Sarah,

    Thank you for this!

  18. One of the sites I am subscribed to shared this with me. How beautiful and just what I need. The blog planner I have now just wasn’t working out for me. Thanks so much, from a new subscriber!

  19. This is a great idea and so pretty I’m sure I’ll enjoy using it. Thanks for sharing.

    Just popped by from Wow me Wednesday and am a new subscriber.

    Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

  20. This is exactly what I need!! Thank you so much for sharing with us over on Brag About it linky!! :)

  21. I downloaded it for 2014, thank you so much!

    I know this may be late, but do you happen to have those resources for November and December of 2013? With the crazy holidays coming up, I’d like to make a blogging plan, and your designs are so cute!

  22. Love this!!! Thanks for sharing!

  23. This is amazing, thanks so much for sharing.

  24. Hi, thank you so much for the update! However, I cannot see how to get the 2014 blog planner. I confirmed my subscription but then never received anything until the 2013 update. I’m sure that I’m just not seeing it but I love your planner and would love to use it. Thanks so much for your help!!

  25. Nevermind! I finally figured it out! It is a beautiful blog planner and thank you so much for sharing it. I think that this is the motivation that I needed to get my blog going again after a very busy year.

  26. Thanks so much! Sometimes I think better on paper than on the computer, so I think I’ll try this for next year! :)

  27. happy to subscribe and thank you for the planner. I need it! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. You help to make it so much fun.♥

  28. SO great. Thanks for sharing! I’m hosting a giveaway for two modern printed kitchen towels that you should enter!

  29. How fun! Thanks for sharing this with Thrive @ Home!

  30. Awesome.Colorful. Makes me happy, thanks so much!

  31. New follower on Twitter, FB, and Google+! Thank you so much for putting this together…’s awesome! Looking forward to your posts and cannot wait to see what else you have in store!

  32. Thanks so much for the planner! I’ve been looking for something just like this to get better organized in my blogging.

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesdays! We love having you! :)

  33. I’ve been trying to find a blogging planner that will work for me. This looks great.

  34. Wow! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Heather Riggleman says:

    I signed up for your newsletter and have not gotten the email with the download. :-(

    • Hi Heather – You should have gotten an email to confirm your subscription; once you confirm your subscription through that email, you should be taken to a page where you can access the download link. Let me know if that helps or not. If not, I’ll look into it further.


  36. I have a question for you…… I have my blog on the same wordpress theme and page as my business site is. Do you think I should separate them and have the blog on it’s own wordpress to keep them a little separate for those who may not want to look at my business, but do want to read my blog posts?

    • Jamie – What do you typically blog about? I looked at your blog and it appears to be related to your business. So I’d say keep them together. It will make your life a little easier too. Just my opinion.

      • Thanks Sarah. Most posts are about what’s going on with my business, etc. But I’d like to begin adding some instructional posts, maybe teaching how to make some bath and body type things at times, etc, and other things that will draw other readers to my blog, not just those who want to know what is going on with my soap business. Maybe a little glimpse into my personal life on occasion as well.

  37. Thanks so much for this wonderful printable. And an extra thank you for giving it to us for free!! You are AWESOME!! I love the colors and the elephants are SO cute! :)

  38. I love this, Sarah! I am featuring you this week as one of my favorites on the Hearts for Home Blog Hop! :-)

  39. Thanks for sharing at the Krafty Inspiration Thursday Link Party, you have been chosen as one of the top 5 featured posts at today’s party.
    Have a lovely day!
    Maria @ Krafty Cards etc.

  40. I’ve chosen your post to be featured at the Hearts for Home Blog Hop….if you’d like you can stop by and grab your button!

  41. I am just in the stages of designing and starting a blog and just found your website through a Pinterest post. I love this planner!!!! It will definitely help out all the blog newbies out there. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  42. Thank you so much this is a very complete set of planners. I have looked at no less then 25 planners and found yours to be the best of the bunch. Thank you! Blessings!

  43. Thank you so much for the time effort and energy you put in to making this planner and double thank you for giving it away!

  44. Just downloaded your planner. Love the page designs. Now to wait till Tuesday to get it printed. grr.

    Thank you for making this available for free. I know lots of planners that cost a lot.


  45. Thank you somuch for this. I’m doing some of this online but I find that having it written down really helps me visually. Just a quick question. I’m a new blogger so I’m wondering how the link-ups tracker is used. Thanks again. You haee inspired me.

  46. wooow Thank you so much Ms. Sarah this is exactly the planner I’ve been looking for . It’s so perfect! thank you so much =)

  47. Wow! I love this! I’ve started getting overwhelmed lately with my blogging. This is exactly what I need. Thank you for sharing this out to the world!

  48. I want to do more blogging, only twice a month so far, and this will really help. Thanks so much. I subscribed to the newsletter – how do I access the download?

  49. Thank you so much for this planner! I’m going to use it in the new year. I’ve just got back into my blog! I’m so keen that I’ve done like 5 posts today!

  50. The effort you putting on making this wonderful planner, and you giving it for free .. oh my! Thank you so much for this, Sarah! I now lived in Australia and my sister back home in Indonesia, and we’re planning to starts blog together .. this definitely will help me & my sister a lot! Thanks again .. God bless you :)

  51. I signed up but never got a weekly newsletter with the free printable. :(

    • Hi Sahilynn – The printable isn’t in the newsletter. After you signed up you should have gotten an email asking you to confirm your email address. Once you do this, you will be taken to the download link.

  52. You’ve put real thought and work into this fabulous planner, Sarah, and you’re very generous to share it. Thank you! I am excited to put it to use trying to manage my blog – [and to manage myself as a blogger].

  53. I subscribed and just downloaded it! Wow, so much for free! I have similar lists in excel, but I think the daily to do lists will help me to stay on track. It’s so easy to spend too much time in one area and not get to other things at all each day. THANKS!

  54. Aaaww I just missed it!

  55. Sad, just missed the download. :(

  56. thank you for this printable!!!!!!! I just put together my planner for next year. DIY’d the crud out of it and I posted the result: <3

  57. Hello! i ordered and paypaled- but i don’t know what i did and i wasn’t able to download it :-/

  58. Hi Sarah, as per Erins comments above, I paid through pay pal, then nothing happened.

  59. Hi Sarah! I downloaded this to my desktop when it was free, but am having troubles with error codes saying the file is not good. I would appreciate your help so much. Is this the best way to contact you? Thank you! I know your time is valuable, I appreciate it!
    - Darlene

  60. I hate that I missed out on the freebie — this is beautiful! Great work!

  61. Oh so sad, I missed the freebie too. I hope there’s another next time.

  62. Will you be offering this for free any other time? I must admit, I’m not the most organized person and my self proclaimed ADD kicks in a lot of times. I’m not even sure I can commit to using a planner but I’d certainly like to try!

  63. I love this! Since it’s middle of October though, I would love to buy the 2015 one, will you be offereing it soon? I would love to purchase this and feature it on my blog as well.

  64. I was wondering the same as Carmen. When is the 2015 going to be available???

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